Vegan For Life 

Whether your focus is the animals, the planet, your health or your legacy, living in a compassionate way means creating a compassionate world. It's happening all around us, veganism is spreading globally as people become more and more educated about the positive impacts our daily choices can have. 

When we sit down with one another and enjoy great food, share customs, exchange stories and traditions, we all grow closer to an understanding that's as universal as love itself... That we are the sum of all of the things we consume.

This applies to our relationships, our choices in books, magazine articles, television shows, movies, music and of course- the food we eat, the clothing we purchase, the personal care products we use in day to day life, the transportation we choose and so on. Knowing that my choices create ripples and have lasting impacts (that I may or may not be able to see) is the reason I choose to live compassionately. I very much believe in intersectionality when it comes to my choices and am inspired by so many people out there doing great things in this moment. I have much hope for the world when I see the many ways that kindness is becoming more than a movement, because every time we choose vegan- compassion becomes the norm. Healthy choices are in demand. Eco-friendly is more than a trend. The future is bright.

*Anything can be veganized! Plant based doesn't have to mean boring.